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Assam Masala Chai


Inspired by the region where tea was growing way before the Britishers 'brought' it to India. Assam the Chai capital of India. No one knows where chai came from, but it's well-known that Britishers got us into drinking tea. However, no one knows why they added milk to tea. Some speculate that its taste was too strong for their palate. Hence milk and sugar were added to tea, making it ‘chai’ in the subcontinent. Spices were added to chai in the coming years, making it a masala chai. The Assam Masala Chai is a cup, rich in history and tradition!

Lifted fragrance of cardamom, ginger and hints of clove

Dark Amber

A full-bodied, lively cup that starts with warm notes of ginger and gently mingles with uplifting tones of cardamom and clove towards the middle. You can decipher hints of black pepper around the edges, which gradually ebb to finish on sweet accents of cinnamon, making for a hearty cup of Masala chai.


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