Xi Hu Longjing | West Lake Dragon Well Green Tea

TASTING NOTES: unripened wild strawberry, green coffee, ROASTED chestnut

The unique, flattened buds of Long Jing, commonly referred to as Dragonwell, are celebrated for their distinct chestnut and hazelnut notes. A moderate roasting accentuates this characteristic, accompanied by hints of green coffee tang and the robust earthiness of fiddlehead fern. 


The special name of this Chinese green tea refers to an ancient village 'Dragon Well' southwest of the 'West Lake'. This picturesque lake is loved by Chinese and foreign tourists for its leisurely charm, and it's the symbol of Hangzhou, China. It's surrounded by little pagoda-topped hills and wonderful bridges. To some, the West Lake is considered a representation of the classical beauty of China.

Produced for more than 1000 years in this area of China, this tea possesses four qualities that set it above other teas: emerald green color, aromatic flavor, overall appearance, and crisp and refreshing taste.

The harvest time for Dragon Well tea is a short six weeks, with the first two weeks producing the superior-grade teas. Once picked, the loose tea leaves must be hand-roasted the same day. A roaster uses his or her bare hands in order to feel both the heat and the dryness of the leaves. Once roasted, the leaves are ready for immediate consumption.

Tea Province

Tea Region

Harvest Year

Tea Season

Zhejiang, China

West Lake, Xi Hu (10 m)



Mr. Wu Li
📍 Mei Jia Wu village, Xi Hu, China

Tasting notes

wheatgrass, hay

fresh-cut wheatgrass, roasted hazelnut, dried buds

unripened wild strawberry, green coffee, roasted chestnut


Tea amount

Water amount

Steeping time

80 °C

5 gram


20 sec (add 5 sec per steep for at least 3 steeps)


Tea amount

Water amount

Steeping time

80 °C

3 gram


40 sec

In the classic "grandpa style" of brewing Longjing green tea, one simply places a few leaves in a regular drinking glass, pours in hot water (80 °C), and enjoys! Let the glass uncovered to allow the steam to escape gracefully.

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