Summer Sencha | Uji Hikari

TASTING NOTES: fresh grass after the rain, umami, cream
Sencha Uji Hikari is a light-steamed (asamushi) sencha from Kyoto, Japan. This Uji sencha is characterized by its astringency, followed by a deep sweetness and richness. It is bright green, light and refreshing and not bitter at all. 

Variety: Green tea, Japanese tea Origin: Kyoto, Japan

This is a single-origin sencha from Uji Kyoto, the birthplace of green tea in Japan. Only tea grown in Uji, Kyoto ,and the surrounding area, and processed locally by a Kyoto-based supplier can be called Uji tea and is regarded as a benchmark for high-quality tea leaves. This is due to a combination of different factors, including soil quality, misty climate, optimal soil quality, sloping hills and the fact that Obuku never frosts even during winter.

Sencha Uji Hikari is handpicked during the first harvest season in spring, meaning the finest and most sweet leaves are harvested. Lightly steamed to create a refreshing, smooth drink with an emerald glow.

Tea Province

Tea Region

Harvest Year

Tea Season

Kyoto, Japan




Shogyokuen family factory
📍Kyoto, Japan

Tasting notes

fresh grass after the rain

fresh wheatgrass, nori, peach flower

umami, peach

Temperature 70 °C

Tea amount 3-5 gram

Water amount 200ml

Steeping time 30-60 sec

The second steep should be quick — in and out, amounting to about 5-15 seconds. Subsequent steeps may be enjoyed by steeping for 45-60 seconds.

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