Ku Ding Cha | Needle Kuding Tea

TASTING NOTES: asparagus, honey, pecan

Fantastic light and airy green tea that's going to be perfect brewed gong fu style. 

Variety: Black tea, Chinese tea Origin: Hubei, China

This hand-picked first flush tea was harvested in Xin Yang, Henan Province, where tea production looks back to 2000 years of history. This Mao Jian was grown in Che Yun Shan, one of the mountains around the southern part of Xin Yang. Its extraordinarily lush green color is thanks to the deep fog lingering on the mountain. Xin Yang Mao Jian leaves are usually picked around Gu Yu - Grain Rain - time (around April 20), but this tea was picked earlier, before the leaves were fully open, in mid-March.

The tea leaves are small and needle-like, and as the name "Mao Jian" suggests, there are small furry tips on the inner side of them.

It is aromatic with a sweet toasty-buttery and fruity scent. The liquor is silky and clear, and has an intriguing combination of floral and nutty - specifically walnutty - notes. The sweetness has a toasty, black sugary edge to it. After 5-6 steeps, this tea still performs well.

Tea Province

Tea Region

Harvest Year

Tea Season

Henan, China

Che Yun Shan



Wu family
📍 Che Yun Shan, China

Tasting notes

green melon, pine needles

sweet butter toast, melon, hay

wild mountain flowers, walnuts, black sugar, umami


Tea amount

Water amount

Steeping time

80 °C

5 gram


10 sec (add 5 sec per steep for 4-6 steeps)


Tea amount

Water amount

Steeping time

80 °C

3 gram


40 sec

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