Tai Ping Hou Kui | Monkey Picked Green Tea

TASTING NOTES: unripened wild strawberry, orchid, fresh-cut wheatgrass
The long, flat, and straight dry leaves become larger when brewed, almost like flower petals dancing in the cup. This Tai Ping Hou Kui has a mellow aroma reminiscent of orchids, making it a very soothing green tea without any bitterness.
Perfect if you are just starting out your green tea journey. 

Tai Ping tea is harvested during the mid-April first flush from an age-old tea plantation nestled around 300 meters above sea level and undergoes a meticulous crafting process. Initially, it is hand-fried in a wok, a method known as kill-green, for several minutes. Following this, it is meticulously roasted in a four-drawer system, gradually decreasing the temperature to achieve optimal flavor development. This roasting process takes approximately an hour. Once roasted, the leaves are delicately spread out on a smooth surface, either paper or fabric, and pressed by hand using traditional wooden blocks. Subsequently, the tea undergoes a final low-temperature roasting to reduce moisture content, facilitating sealed storage to preserve its unique qualities and prolong its shelf life.

Its flavor profile, fresh and sweet, guarantees a satisfying experience, yielding three to five delightful infusions.

Tea Province

Tea Region

Harvest Year

Tea Season


Huang Mountain (1864m)



Yishan Tea Garden
📍Houkeng, Huang Mountain, China

Tasting notes

orchid flowers

orchid, fresh-cut wheatgrass, sweet almond

almond, pine seed


Tea amount

Water amount

Steeping time

80 °C

5 gram


20 sec (add 5 sec per steep for at least 3 steeps)


Tea amount

Water amount

Steeping time

80 °C

3 gram


60 sec

As the leaves are large, Tai Ping customarily was brewed in a tall glass to enjoy not only its luxurious taste but also its standalone beauty. Put the leaves vertically, pour the water around and from the sides.

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