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Punjabi Masala Chai


Inspired by the dhabas of Punjab, on the highways that run through the state. Long roads that run parallel with blooming mustard fields.
When you are in transit merely passing, it's a whiff that will always make you halt. From a luxurious meal to a spicy chai, Dhaba's chai has the true essence of Punjab.

Top note of mace followed by notes of bishop's weed, ginger, cardamom and pepper.

Dark Amber

The liquor is exceptionally warm and spicy. A pungent hint of Bishop's Weed starts the cup while warmer notes of mace, clove, and bay leaves emerge towards the middle. Fennel lends sweetness to the cup while pepper enhances the warmth of the liquor. The flavor of Bishop's Weed returns prominently in the aftertaste.


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