Gyokuro Gokou from Wazuka Village

TASTING NOTES: raspberry, watermelon, miso soup

A high-quality, rich Gyokuro by Uejima Tea Farm from one of the most famous regions of Ujicha, the village of Wazuka. Gokou is an unregistered tea cultivar from Kyoto Prefecture.

This Gyokoro gokou from Uejima-san has a notable aroma and rich, creamy umami. Uejima-san's Gyokuro is definitely worth a try.


3rd generation tea farmer Hiroki Matsumoto manages some 30 fields in the Kiriyama region of the Makinohara plain in Shimada, Shizuoka. He utilizes the UNESCO designated World Heritage agricultural tradition, Chagusaba, to cultivate his tea leaves. This tradition requires farmers to cultivate sasa grasses surrounding the tea fields, and use the grasses as fertilizer in the fields.

Regular steamed tea leaves create a balanced sencha green tea.

Kaneroku Matsumoto Tea Garden
📍Shimada, Shizuoka, Japan

Tasting notes

Grassy and sweet at the same time. Light and airy.