Limited Edition: Wild Purple Yabao Tea

Wild Purple Yabao tea from Da Xue Mountain possesses a delightful aroma of cream, pink roses, and hints of citrus. Harvested by hand from the sprouts of Camellia Crassicolumna tea trees, these exclusive buds provide a unique flavor experience. 


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Beautiful white tea cake consisting of fatty buds from the Yunnan ‘Da Ye Zhong’ cultivar. This silver needle cake brews a yellow liquor with a soft taste and refreshing aroma. Everything you can expect from a top-grade white tea.

Different from loose leaves, the raw material of this cake is first steamed soft and then compressed. When stored, the leaves will slowly improve further in taste, acquiring an amazing flavor in 3 years, reaching their full potential in about 7 years.

How to prepare the tea

As for any tea cake, the best is to pry off a chunk using a tea knife. Because this silver needle cake is fairly loosely compressed, it may also possible to simply use your hand to loosen up some outer leaves of the cake.

How to Store White Tea Cakes

Here is our white tea cake storage guide.

Tea Province

Tea Region

Harvest Year

Tea Season

Yunnan, China




Moonlight tea producer
📍 Gaoshan, Yunnan, China

Tasting notes

sweet flowers, honey, fresh breeze

camelia petals, apricot

honey, apricot, apple


Tea amount

Water amount

Steeping time

90 °C

5 gram


40 sec (add 5 sec per steep for at least 3 steeps)


Tea amount

Water amount

Steeping time

90 °C

3 gram


4 min

Du'sha tea jars

This chic and modern violet glass jar is perfect for tea storage and wonderfully sustainable. The glass is specially treated to protect natural products like herbs, spices, and tea from harmful sunlight, heat, and humidity. You can wash it by hand or in the dishwasher and reuse it indefinitely.

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