Matcha | Premium Ceremonial Grade Iwai no Shiro

Wonderful premium matcha by by Shogyokuen from Kyoto. The variery is Iwai no Shiro, literally the "white of celebration", is a matcha with an excellent, smooth umami flavor perfect for usucha. 

Variety: Japanese tea, Matcha Origin: Kyoto, Japan

The delicious blend of tencha leaves (tea leaf processed into flakes) by master blender, CEO Hiroshi Kobayashi, has created an exquisite matcha for tea ceremony practitioners.

📍Kyoto, Japan

Flavor profile

Umami strength (5 = strongest): 4/5
Astringency (5 = least astringent): 3.5/5
Color (1 = yellow, 5 = brilliant green): 5/5 
Texture (1 = very grainy, 5 = very smooth):  5/5 

Amount of matcha: 1.5 gram or 2 scoops by a chashaku or 1 scoop by an ordinary teaspoon

Water amount: 70 ml

Water temperature: 70-80℃

Place tea in the bowl, add hot water and mix with the chasen tea whisk. Raise then the chasen a little from the bottom and whip vigorously back and forth with the wrist and arm and avoid swiveling the tea around. When the tea is sufficiently aired and turned into a fine creamy foam, slow down and move the chasen in the surface to remove larger bobbles and to make an even, smooth surface. Finally, turn the chasen slowly around the bowl and lift it carefully from the center to produce a little mound.