Milky Oolong

Intense creamy taste with a floral undertone. A one-of-a-kind tea from Taiwan with a fantastically bold taste resulting from its unique roasting process. Our Ali Shan Milky Oolong offers you a great depth of flavor that lasts into even the fifth brew.

Variety: Oolong Origin: Du'sha tea studio

Though many think this tea is a product of modern times, the winning combination of using tea and ginseng was already mentioned in 《本草拾遗》 中记, a historical Chinese text dated from 741 BC. It wasn't until around 500 years ago, when Ginseng oolong became a royal drink, served as atribute tea to the emporer. That's why this tea is also called the 'King's tea' or 'Orchid Beauty' (Lan Gui Ren), referring to an emperor's concubine in the Tang Dynasty.

Health benefits
High-end spa's in China love to serve this winning combination, as it has many benefits to the health. Ginseng oolong is often seen as the number one beauty tea as the rich antioxidant content prevents against heart diseases, detoxifies the body, and improves skin. Nourishing Ginseng extract stimulates the body and restores the energy level and boost the immune system.

Tea Province

Tea Region

Harvest Year

Tea Season


Alishan (2216m)



Mr. Shuiwen Lin
📍 Lu Ye, Taitung, Taiwan

Tasting notes

fresh wood, sweet grass

wet grass under the sun, dried fruits

caramelized ginger, licorice root,
roasted nuts


Tea amount

Water amount

Steeping time

95-98 °C

5 gram


30 sec


Tea amount

Water amount

Steeping time

95-98 °C

3 gram


90 sec

Du'sha tea jars

This chic and modern violet glass jar is perfect for tea storage and wonderfully sustainable. The glass is specially treated to protect natural products like herbs, spices, and tea from harmful sunlight, heat, and humidity. You can wash it by hand or in the dishwasher and reuse it indefinitely.

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