NEW HARVEST' 2024 | Pre-QingMing Long Jing | Dragon Well

 TASTING NOTES: melon, steamed bock choi, fresh hazelnut

The essence of West Lake — Pre-QingMing Longjing or Dragon Well green tea. This is the new harvest of this year, picked in March, the highest quality Longjing crafted by Sanhecui, a renowned enterprise in the region.

Made from the finest Longjing No. 43 tea leaves, this delightful brew boasts a high aroma and a refreshing taste, with an initial sweetness that gradually gives way to a subtle fragrance. The tea leaves themselves are characterized by their delicate fragrance, straight shape, and smooth texture, with a rich and lasting aroma that is both sweet and refreshing.

This exceptional tea is carefully crafted by Mr. Shi Bipeng, who adheres to strict quality standards and advocates for environmental protection through the use of traditional kraft paper bags.