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Rajasik Morning Ayurvedic Chai


Rajasik makes an incredibly refreshing cup of tea that gives the much-needed dose of morning boost & drives away lazy mornings while keeping you active & alert all day.
Black pepper, Ginger, Tulsi, & Green cardamom have a special mention in our ancient scriptures and are widely used in traditional Indian households. Rajasik Chai is a Royal Cup! These ingredients in synergy are known to boost the immune system.

Top note of black pepper, ginger and holy basil followed by hints of green cardamom.

Dark Amber

A full-bodied, robust cup which starts on a sweet-herbal feel on the palate and gradually opens up to reveal warm, spicy tones of black pepper, ginger and cloves towards the middle. Aromatic notes of green cardamom are discernible towards the finish which gradually ebb to end on earth-woody notes of licorice and black pepper.