Da Hong Pao | Wuyi Big Red Robe Tea

Sophisticated and complex flavor with a woody roast aroma of orchid flowers, finished with a subtle caramelized sweetness. Up to 12 steeps when applying Chinese gongfu brewing, as you can expect from a true Wuyi rock tea.
Variety: Chinese tea, Oolong Origin: Fujian, China

Da Hong Pao, the most popular Wuyi rock tea direct from its origin Wuyishan, Fujian. This authentic oolong has the characteristic 'rock' flavor from the mineral rich hills of the protected Wuyishan nature reserve. The large dark leaves brew bright orange soup that demonstrate a lasting flowery fragrance of orchid. Drinks smooth and gives you with a satisfying aftertaste.

You can steep Da Hong Pao up to 12 times when using Gong fu method. For the fourth brew and after, adjust the steeping time accordingly at each step. Use the experience of the previous steeps to determine the brewing time. If the previous brew was too light, then try increasing the steeping time more. If the previous brew was too strong, then try to steep the next brew shorter. Notice the taste and aroma evolving at each step, which makes drinking this tea so pleasurable.

Tea Province

Tea Region

Harvest Year

Tea Season


Wuyishan (350m)



Qi Family
📍 Wuyishan, Fujian, China

Tasting notes

orchid flowers, stone fruit seed

orchid, stone fruit, sweet earthy note

Chocolate, toasted hazelnut, hints of rock and minerals


Tea amount

Water amount

Steeping time

95-98 °C

5 gram


5 sec (add 5 sec per steep for up to 12 steeps)


Tea amount

Water amount

Steeping time

95-98 °C

3 gram


40 sec

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