DR. PU'ER Lan Xiang Jing Mai Ancient Tree Tea Cake | 2019 Sheng Puerh

TASTING NOTES: rock sugar, plum, burned oak wood

Complex and wonderful sheng puerh cake from Dr. Pu'er brand. The leaves for this sheng (or raw) puerh are harvested from wild arbor trees in Jingmai Mountain. As the dry leaves warm up, they release a tantalizing aroma of stone fruits, while the wet leaves reveal a tapestry of woody notes, spices, and hints of smoke. The liquor is a masterclass in nuance, with layers of exotic wood, leather, and delicate fruitiness unfolding with each sip, accompanied by whispers of spices and rock sugar. As the tea develops over multiple infusions, its flavor profile evolves, revealing subtle notes of fragrant flowers and orchid, making this tea a true delight for those seeking a deep and satisfying brew.